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Westech Solar 160 Wp Γερμανικα Μονοκρυσταλλικα Φωτοβολταικα

Γερμανικα Φωτοβολταικα Westech Mono 160 Wp 12V

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Mono-crystalline Solar Panel Westech Solar 160 Wp. Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty of Materials and Workmanship, 10 Year Limited Warranty of 90% of Power Output and 25 Year Limited Warranty of 80% of Power Output.

Our solar panels are widely used in residential, commercial, industrial and other solar power generation systems. We ensure that the power output of our solar panels is higher than the nominal power

Technical specifications:

Power 160 Watt/p

Voltage (at max. power) 18,10 V

Voltage (open circuit) 22,20 Volt

Ampere (at max. power) 8,85A

Ampere (short circuit) 9,60A

Made in China for Westech Solar Germany

Dimensions 1480 x 680 x 35 mm

Weight 11,70 Kg .






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