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SRNE Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V - LM 30A PWM

Προγραμματιζόμενος ρυθμιστής φόρτισης 20Α 12/24V με αισθητήρα νυκτός και χρονοδιακόπτη. Max PV 480Wp.

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Αναλυτική Περιγραφή

SRNE Solar automatic charge controller 12V/24V - LM 30A. For all types of solar modules and batteries.

With integrated Micro Processing Controller and P.M.W. technology. Depending of the battery type and charging phase of the battery, this solar charge controller provides the right voltage and current to the battery. With 3 LEDs.

Technical Specifications:

Rated Voltage 12V / 24V Automatic - max PV 720 Wp
Max Load 20A
Input voltage 12V-17V / 24V-34V
Full charge cut 14.4V / 28.8V
Low voltage cut 10.8V / 21.6V
Temperature compensation -3mv/°C /cell
Wire 2.5mm2
Temperature -25°C / +55°C
Night-Light & Ttimer Control